Helping People Through Difficult Situations!

July 21, 2014 at 11:57 pm

Professional Development Training

There are several options for equipping your staff and colleagues. Sir Charles expertise extends to training on presentation skills and customer service. In addition there is customization for all programs (customer service for managers, customer service for non-management personnel, and public speaking). We feel that in today’s  fast paced business environment you need the skills for high touch and indirect touch (phone) communication.

Keynote Presentations

Enhance your company message, moto or mission statement with proven results. One of the best ways to strengthen your internal leadership and your support team is by presenting a transparent and transformational message on how it can be done! When you learn that it’s a matter of choice, focus and determination, and someone has actually achieved it and continues to strive with professionalism and excellence…nothing more needs to be said!


Health & Wellness Event 2015

Learn how to transform your life in the midst of any storm! No matter what the circumstance is…You are the C.E.O. of YOU!  Sir Charles Cary is an over-comer, a two time cancer survivor and a full time life encourager! Health challenges are just that…they are challenges, so learn the strategies and the truth behind what actually works for others and apply it to your life!

Personal Development (Coaching)

We offer coaching as well as workshops on personal development topics such as transformation and purpose. Constant learning and growth is the best way to evolve in life. Technology moves at an  extremely rapid pace and in order to use your best skills you have to discover what they really are.  This form of learning has various options (webinars, books, audios, membership portals, etc.).









As an Alternative Recourse Expert Charles places emphasis on defining and executing clear processes to meeting objectives. He creates an opportunity for you to see, hear, and explore what actually works and what makes the difference in creating a winning team and a winning environment.

Charles has done trainings, breakouts, seminars, and keynotes for organizations, agencies and companies with an interest in training, customer service, and presentation skills. As a 2-time Cancer survivor and having won the battle over substance abuse, Charles has successfully conquered these major life challenges and with The Cure Tour he can bring this experience to you! His passionate speaking style is totally engaging and motivating to his audience and his topics are truly heartfelt!

We’re excited about introducing new ways for us to work with you. It’s called The Cure  Membership Portal! We want your experience to be educational, engaging and personal to your interest and your growth.

This portal offers  access to books, audios, videos, blogs, coaching and interviews to help you in your quest! Each month we’ll add a Cure Member Special Update (video, audio, interview, messages or invites).  All members get discounts to live events and special considerations for promotions.


Choose your level of interest at the tab labeled Membership Plan and begin!

Cure 1 Member: basic updates, hints, tips, insights, videos, audios, blogs, interviews, pdf’s and downloads, 1 personal coaching call per month, and more!

Cure 2 Member: updates, hints, tips, insights, videos, audios, blogs, downloads, books, CD’s, DVD’s,  3 thirty minute personal coaching calls and more!

Personal Coaching also available: Fill out the form on the Contact page